Saints Row: The Third Remaster Officially Announced

On Monday, April 6, published Deep Silver announced that a remastered version of 2011’s gangland action title Saints Row: The Third will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. The currently announced release date for the remaster is May 22, 2020. However, it is not currently known whether this game, like many others, will experience a delayed release due to the current global COVID-19 situation.

Deep Silver confirmed that the remaster will include all three of the game’s expansion packs, as well as all previously released DLC. It will be sold for $39.99 USD.

The publisher has also reassured fans that the release of the remaster will not impede development on the next installment in the Saints Row series, which was first announced in August 2019. The new main series installment is being developed by Volition, while Sperasoft has handled the remaster.

SRTT Remastered Screenshot 05

Discussing the upcoming remastered version, a spokesperson for Deep Silver described it as featuring “retextured environments, character models and visual effects, enhanced graphics and a new lighting engine”.

Previously, Saints Row: The Third was released for Nintendo Switch in early 2019. The port received mixed reviews, with several critics feeling that the game felt “dated” and did not hold up, especially when compared to later titles in the series, particularly Saints Row 4. It also featured a disappointingly low frame rate and frequent lag. Hopefully, the remaster will fix these issues.

Saints Row: The Third initially gained notoriety for its parody of inner-city gang warfare as well as its irreverent sense of humor. For example, the original featured a “Sex Appeal Slider” which allowed players to customize the breasts and genitals of their avatar. When asked if elements such as the slider will be retained in the remaster, a spokesperson from Deep Silver stated that jokes featured in the original were not altered.

Are you looking forward to the Saints Row: The Third remaster? What are you hoping to see in the upcoming brand new main series title? Let us know!

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