Save Your School In Puzzle-Packed Mystery Title The Academy

What do you get when you combine the adventure and aesthetics of Harry Potter with the mind-bendingly tricky puzzles of Professor Layton? You get The Academy: The First Riddle, a brand-new puzzler from Pine Studio, coming soon to both PC and console.

Step into the shoes of Sam, a freshman at Arbor’s mysterious Academy, a school with a reputation for taking only the best and brightest and training them to be truly great. Make new friends and participate in a wide range of exciting activities. Seek out adventure and riddles behind every corner. Uncover a mystery hidden deep within the Academy’s ancient halls – and take a stand alongside your fellow students to protect your beloved school from lurking danger.

The Academy: The First Riddle offers over 200 puzzles for players to solve. These puzzles and riddles – which are promised to challenge even the most seasoned of Professor Layton enthusiasts – will help the player as they discover and ultimately bring the Academy’s secrets to light. Even better, the entire approximately 20 hour adventure takes place in a beautiful, elaborate school setting inspired both by Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and the developers’ home city of Zagreb, Croatia.

The game will officially release on June 19 for PC and Mac via Steam as well as iOS via the App Store and Android via Google Play. Additionally, a release for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is planned for later this summer.

You can learn more about The Academy, including checking out the action-packed trailer, via Pine Studio’s official Web site located here. Puzzle fanatics can also explore the studio’s other riddle-packed titles, including the Birdcage and Faraway series.

Are you excited to discover a world filled with puzzles, adventure, mystery or more when The Academy officially debuts? Let us know!

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