Screenshot Saturday – A New Pokemon Snap?!

Screenshot Saturday is a weekly feature on GameLuster, based on the Twitter hashtag, focused on upcoming indie games. On Saturdays, developers will post screenshots or GIFs of their games on Twitter. Each week, we compile 5 of the most visually interesting #screenshotsaturday tweets.

I remember Pokemon Snap with a fondness: throwing food at innocent Pokemon and snapping photos as fast as I could. When I saw indie developer Jordo drop this GIF for the upcoming Photoria, it brought me right back to those days I spent sitting in front of my Nintendo 64. While Photoria doesn’t feature Pokemon, these creatures appear as magical and whimsical to observe. Jordo just joined Twitter, so not a lot of information is known about Photoria yet, but understandably its one of the most popular #screenshotsaturday posts today.

Normally looking at maps makes my head hurt, but I feel calm looking at this map from Hazelnut Bastille, an upcoming 16-bit adventure game. Look at how wonderfully balanced these colors are, and all the detail put into the placement of maps, trees and bodies of water. No release date has been set for Hazelnut Bastille yet, but you can follow its development on Kickstarter.

Man, have you ever gotten so smashed at a bar that you merge with the table and roll around on the floor? Neither have I, but that buggy dude off to the right has probably seen better days. This GIF comes from the upcoming Dungeon Experiencea first person comedy adventure game.

“It plays like Firewatch/Edith Finch/Stanley Parable,” developer Janerka writes on Twitter. “It was inspired by the idea of playing D n D with a dungeon master who while super into it, is incompetent.”

Midwesterners and my neighbors the Northeasterners, we’re all hurting after the sudden onslaught of snowstorms. But even as I sit here, shivering and questioning why I live in this freezing hellhole, I have to admit, there’s a little bit of beauty in this winter wonderland. And I think that this GIF from Eastshade, an open world exploration game where you play as a traveling artist, helps to remind me of that. Still, I’d much rather play as someone kayaking through bone-chilling waters than actually doing it. Eastshade is coming to PC via Steam on February 13th of this year.

Button City, a narrative adventure game, looks like a mash up between Hello Kitty and Animal Crossing. While I couldn’t find much information about the game on its actual website, I visited the artist’s portfolio and uncovered more details. Artist Shandiin Woodward describes Button City as a game about “…cute animal kids going on a high jinx adventure to save the arcade. The game has a mix of adventure game exploration and puzzles, alongside action gameplay through the arcade.” I am all for these adorable characters and their bright, low poly world.

Check out the #screenshotsaturday hashtag on Twitter to learn more about other upcoming games. Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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