Shattered Time, Open Source CRPG Kickstarter.

This upcoming game by Pixelation Games seems to tick every box that the recent flux of indie titles should. Isometric view. CRPG. Fantasy, Steampunk and Cyberpunk genre. Kickstarter funded. Indie developers. Open Sourced.

Thanks to kickstarter anybody with an idea and the passion to put it together can get help realising their dream without having to beg a producer to fund them. This gives them greater freedom and flexbility and gives us gamers more games to play with and a hands on role within the development in of itself . This seems to be a reaction to how stifling AAA titles have gotten in recent years with Day 1 dlc packs, pay to win elements and constant identical sequels leaving a sour taste in many gamers mouth that makes them want to look elsewhere.

Shattered Time is attempting this by pushing the boundaries of what an Indie title can be by aiming for a new standard of quality and polish to meet the capabilities of a new generation of development tools and a new generation of gamers who want more control over the games they play.

With how flexible the game will be able to be modded and the free access anybody will have towards it the hope is that it will become a great framework for a myriad of interesting and engaging future titles for develpoers to work with.

Take a look at some gameplay footage here.

And feel free to fund the kickstarter here.

Pixelation Games
Dedicated to creating stylized games from a bygone era. Our roots began in mobile development on android with games like Byte Saver, Captain Monochrome, and Spellcaster Elements. Now we are expanding into the desktop market on PC, Mac, and Linux. Seeking to adopt the crowdfunded model as a means of promoting free and open source development.

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