Simon’s 2015 Game of the Year nominees: Fallout 4

Crawl out to the Fallout as this year we got hold Fallout 4 a game that to some degree came out of nowhere, okay let’s be honest we all knew it was coming eventually but after its reveal at E3 it pretty much just arrived a few months later. The thing is I didn’t care less about Fallout 4 when it was revealed and even less the months following, but still I picked up the game and in all honesty Fallout 4 was the year’s biggest surprise for me, I didn’t actually expect to like the game but yet it could possibly be my favorite game of the year.

There is so much that I love about Fallout 4 and so much that really makes the game considerable as one of my game of the years. While deeply flawed with glitches galore including one that is almost literally game breaking, these problematic issues are quickly left aside as the world beckons you forward asking you to see every corner and make the difficult choices that define you as a character.

Even as you delve hours into the game there is still always more to see, there is a new story to find, there is a new discovery, and a new journey asking for your emotional commitment. You explore the world always seeking out a certain goal, a decision decided by yourself, there may be a story to the game, but in the end story actually never matters, sure it drives the game in part as you handle your characters main goal but you are free to diverge off the path. It is nice to feel a sense of real freedom and at all turns Fallout 4 offered this to me, it held out its metaphorical hand and said to me, ”do you want to see a world?” I have played many games that try to tell me this but shortly after the question I realize I am simply following the path set before me, the developers were leading me through a path and I would fall for it. Fallout 4 is my choice.

There are few games I have ever gathered a connection to that extends beyond the realm of the world or gameplay, but Fallout 4 is unique, at every corner there is something truly amazing to discover, something seemingly game changing. Whether I am playing hero running around helping people while decapitating foes with the swing of my blade, or I even stepped out into the world freely, it is hard to find a more interesting game, Fallout 4 is unique, Fallout 4 is a step above the rest, and there is so much to say that is better left unsaid.

Fallout 4 is an amazing game and sadly I cannot think of any game from 2015 that would deserve the title of Game of the Year more. For the excellent world and gameplay that Fallout 4 offers its players the game is incredible, there is no better game that I have seen arrive in 2015 and I could never believe just how great it was and how emotionally involved I got with every story I encountered and the game itself. Again, I can see no other game that should be Game of the Year more, Fallout 4 is in a class all its own but in the end will it take out my Game of the Year? Well I don’t know, the game certainly deserves it but we will have to wait and see.

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Batman Arkham Knight

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