Simon’s 2015 Game of the Year nominees: Splatoon

2015 was a great year for games, many franchises redeemed themselves, we saw many great new ideas and many games that will stand the test of time and be enjoyable for years. On the inverse side of the scale we have also seen the usual some franchises have stepped backwards, some new ideas did not quite pan out, and many games just felt rushed. Worse still many games saw delays out of 2015, some of the year’s biggest games were lost to us but if we think about it these games that could have been great last year could be even better in this year and we must think we have some potentially great games to look forward to including Zelda U, Star Fox Zero, The Division, Resident Evil Zero, Unravel and so many more.

But back to 2015, it was a good year with many games worthy of being considered as the best games of the year and with a year that included the likes of Xenoblade Chronicles X, Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and that is just the basics. So which games come out as the best of the best in my opinion, well for starters we have my first nominee for Game of the Year.

I am not going to lie just to make myself feel better about 2015, Nintendo did not really do a good job with the Wii U, and while there were some good games many just didn’t quite hit the mark. But the ones that were good are worth playing, Nintendo does not release a new franchise very often but yet in Splatoon they really brought us something great. Originally it may have felt lacking but over the past few months Nintendo has improved the game and really demonstrated just how great this game could be as it further developed.

Even though it was flawed when it arrived Splatoon came out with enough charm to satisfy those who played it, Splatoon did what Nintendo fans expected as it redefined how we saw third person shooters and shined with Nintendo’s signature style. Splatoon took the classic fight for territory gameplay of many other games and changed it up with the idea of shooting ink of your teams colour and then being able to swim through it as a squid which is always satisfying.

The original shortage of just about anything made Splatoon feel lacking originally, but as the year has gone on the game has come to shine. Since it arrived back in May we have seen more maps, gear, weapons and even modes that has made Splatoon just incredible. There is never any shortage of ideas and the new maps that keep getting added mean the game continues to feel lively, and the community who play this game help make things even better as you do get some serious competition.

Nintendo’s first new IP in years is a true standout among Nintendo games, the Wii U may have suffered from a severe case of lacking quality games this year but Splatoon is a true shining beacon. Splatoon is a system seller, it is an unbelievably fun game and without a doubt it really could be a wonderful Game of the Year. But will Splatoon come out as my Game of the Year, we are going to have to wait and see when all it revealed at the end of the month.

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