Simon’s quick thoughts – Fear in games

Happy Halloween to all you people reading this on Halloween when this is intended for, if it isn’t Halloween then happy whatever day it is to you and welcome to quick thoughts. The reason for the Halloween reference is because this article’s intended for Halloween as this day is a day with supernatural pretense and so I wanted to share my thoughts on a topic that actually references this day that is Halloween. It can be considered that Halloween can be the creepiest day of the year which is brought to us by several people in their own thoughts but even if we believe this idea can we honestly say that there isn’t other things or even times that are far creepier. I am sure at this point you are wondering why I am rambling and what exactly this has to do with video games particularly given I am writing on a video game website, well my point is a look at fear and its impact on us in a quick form.

Just the other day I was playing Murdered Soul Suspect for the first time and during my time with this game I ended up coming across a segment that honestly was creeping me out. I personally feel that night can be the creepiest time of day to play certain games and while I can’t necessarily say that Murdered Soul Suspect is a scary game there are certain segments or ideas that do present a sense of fear. This more taps into my own fears or the player in general and can honestly affect us in such a strong way that we are bothered by certain events, for my own purposes a section like a mental asylum honestly creeps me out, I don’t know if it was because of the whole ghost thing or just a vibe that is shared even from a video game perspective, the location is just creepy. Adding to this issue is the idea of playing in complete darkness which makes everything worse and plays in on our fears even more then it would normally, it just makes the littlest detail all the more creepy and afraid of exactly what is happening. Often these are nothing even scary in the slightest but the effect presented by location and even time of day just make things worse for us.

It is basically the idea of our own minds that mess with us and make things worse for us then they really are, another recent example for me is P.T. This game was released for the Playstation 4 as a teaser and it is basically a very tense experience, the sheer atmosphere behind the game was enough to put me on edge and I think it would have done the same for many others. I don’t what it is but the tense atmosphere presented crossed with some of the ideas was enough to put me on edge and panic.

I guess it is all a matter of our own thoughts and how mentally we all accept certain ideas and some of these bother us in a certain way based on our own experiences, the thing that most bothered me with P.T was a baby crying which I hate, even worse was a point when I couldn’t get to it and it makes me think of my niece. Fear is power it makes us weak as we struggle under its foot when it presses down with thins that impact us, sure sometimes it is simple jump scares that get us but often there is a reason for this and simply we think about this reason and what exactly it is that affects you in that situation.

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