Singstar will be singing its way onto the Playstation 4 later this year

During the Playstation 2 I remember a lot of people had an obsession with singing in their living rooms, breaking their lungs to many songs that were then considered popular and to brilliant classics, letting alone the brilliant work of Disney, this was all done as part of Singstar a popular singing game that gathered people together to see who could score better and stick to the pitch better, it also in some ways acted as a gentle way to tell friends to not give up their day job as they are tone deaf. While the obsession with Singstar fizzled out in the Playstation 3 era director Chris Bruce announced on the PlayStation Blog today that they are bringing Singstar to the Playstation 4.

When the new version – titled SingStar: Ultimate Party – launches, users will be able to get their hands on a free SingStar app that turns mobile devices into a microphone and allows personal playlists to be created. The app works with the PS4 and PS3 versions of SingStar and is compatible with smartphones/tablets.

Bruce ended his post by explaining the enhancements planned for the social SingStar experience:

We’re also working hard to optimize the social experience of SingStar by making it even easier to share the best bits of your night on Twitter and Facebook straight from the game. With an improved scoring system you can also build up your XP and get rewarded for game activity, or challenge your friends online and entertain them with your renditions of your favorite songs.

You’ll also be able to download tons more songs from the SingStore, from the latest Pop hits and Rock classics, to Hip Hop and RnB. In fact, we’ve just added Bruno Mars and some REM classics.

You know the only bad thing about this Singstar is that it is download only and also that this is Playstation 4 otherwise my sister who really liked the games would be getting this for Christmas, but still this is great for Singstar fans as they get to enjoy singing in their loungerooms again.

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