More new details on Hyrule Warriors emerge from Famitsu, 2 player and more

Yesterday we found out about some key story and character details for Hyrule Warriors from Japanese magazine Coro-Coro, as it appears yesterday’s news was only the beginning as with the help of NeoGAF’s StreetsAhead more details have been uncovered and as such I have gathered them up, rounded them up and positioned them below for you to look through, today’s details are even more important and they are what I personally have been waiting to find out about, possible 2 player options and even more so without further adu please read below to discover more about Hyrule Warriors:

– Official pricing: Retail – 7,980 yen, eShop – 6,980, Premium Box Set – 11,664
– Premium set includes a Triforce-shaped clock and serial codes for 6 special costumes
– A “Treasure Box” will also be available on Amazon and Tecmo Koei’s online store “GAMECITY”
– No details on the Treasure Box yet
– Link, an in-training soldier, must rescue the Princess Zelda from the witch Shia, who has been turned evil somehow
– Famitsu confirms a 2-player mode in which one person plays on the GamePad and the other plays on the TV
– GamePad acts as a menu when playing alone
– Can equip characters with different weapons to change the way they fight
– Weapons include speed focused one-handed swords to heavier weapons that focus on damage
– Game includes a weapon upgrade system and character growth/improvement
– Musou action combined with the Zelda series’ Z-targeting means you can avoid attacks and focus on enemy weak spots
– Zelda series’ spin attack appears instead of the Musou Ranbu (?) of the musou franchise
– Bombs won’t be used for just throwing at enemies
– Impa, a captain of the Royal Army, appears as a playable character wielding a giant long sword.
– There will be several other playable characters
– Aonuma was surprised by how many characters there are
– Playable at E3 2014 next month
– 70% complete

See this is what we have been waiting for some substantial details that explain what is going on in the game and some of the features and hopefully more soon follow, at least we definitely know there will be more to see at E3 with a playable demo so we might get our first glance at whether the game is as interesting as it seems, we will find out soon hopefully with some more new details and hopefully a great trailer, I can’t wait.

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