Skylanders Imaginators has been announced

Another year means another Skylanders game, and Activision has announced the game that follow last years Skylanders Superchargers. The new game is titled Skylanders Imaginators, certainly an interesting title and one that should pay off better then the series first four games.

The new game has been slated for release on October 16th in the United Stated, the new game will allow you to create your own Skylanders and take them on an all new adventure in the Slylanders Universe. This idea already offers promise and a certain level of interesting personalization that is sure to allow many to embrace their inner creativity. The new game is being brought to us from orignal Skylanders creative team Toys for Bob.

Skylanders Imaginators character creation

As expected all figures from the previous games will be usable in the new game, however the game will add new Imaginator characters which you build from scratch, and transport into the game through the new toy type called the creation crystal.

Skylanders Imaginators will also include “guest stars” which will be known as “sensei’s”, these include twenty new characters, as well as eleven former villains. Each Sensei is a master of one of 10 Battle Classes such as Knight, Sorcerer, Brawler, and have the ability to launch Sky Chi – “the ultimate Battle Class super move”.

If you had any doubt Skylanders Imaginators will include local co-operative play for two people, you can also two creation crystal characters at the same time. The only thing that is made unclear is whether the game will offer usage of the Supercharger vehicles.

Skylanders Imaginators will be coming to the Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Wii U, no version has been announced for the Wii or 3DS leading to speculation that the games not coming to these systems. The game will be out on October 16th in the United States, October 14th in the United Kingdom, and October 13th in Australia and New Zealand.

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