Slender Is Back With Next-Gen Reimagining Of Cult Classic

To mark ten years since the original, a fresh reimagining of Slender: The Arrival will launch on October 18. Considered a horror cult classic upon launch in 2013, Arrival will be reborn for next-gen platforms in less than two months. Developed by indie developer Blue Isle Studios, the update will “introduce a complete visual overhaul utilizing the latest and greatest technologies and Unreal Engine 5.2.”

“Every shadow, every material, every model and every hair-raising encounter with the mysterious Slender Man will be rendered in stunning detail. This new update not only enhances the graphics but also elevates the overall gameplay experience,” a synopsis on the game’s official website reads. You can watch the anniversary teaser at the link below: 

To sweeten the deal, Blue Isle are giving players even more content with S: The Lost Chapters, an extension to the Arrival campaign, outlined as “a brand new type of horror” that fans of Arrival will find “both familiar, yet different.” 

Slender: The Arrival will launch on the PS5, Xbox Series consoles, Epic Games Store and Steam. Pre-orders for the Xbox consoles commenced on September 1, while PS5 players will need to wait until September 19. Better yet, the developers will be throwing in a free copy of Valley for your troubles, that “provides a nice counterbalance to all of the scares” from Arrival

Slender: The Arrival is priced at $19.99 on all consoles (minus last-gen), to “reflect the improved visuals and all of the new content and improvements we are adding as part of this major update.”

“It’s been 10 years since the original launch and we’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to improve and add to the game. There are many more Slender Man stories to tell, and we cannot wait to deliver on these experiences,” Alex Tintor, the co-founder and lead designer with Blue Isle Studios, said in a press release.

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