Smalland: Survive The Wilds: How To Craft A Workbench

Smalland is an exciting survival game where players are shrunk down to the size of an insect and must navigate the dangers of the natural world. One of the most important aspects of surviving the wilds in Smalland is crafting a workbench. Workbenches allow players to create essential tools and weapons, as well as more advanced items necessary for long-term survival. 


In this article, we will guide you through the process of crafting a workbench in Smalland: Survive the Wilds, including gathering resources, building the workbench, and tips for efficient crafting. So without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Smalland and craft a Workbench to make useful tools and increase your chance of survival in a world where everything is bigger than you are.


How to Craft A Workbench In Smalland: Survive The Wilds


Smalland Workbench box

Crafting a Workbench in the enchanting world of Smalland is a rather simple and enjoyable process. To begin, gather the essential components listed below to ensure a successful crafting experience:


  • Wood x10
  • Resin x5
  • Fiber x5

However, before crafting a Workbench, it’s important to first craft the indispensable ‘Builder’s Hammer‘ tool (requires 2 Fiber and 5 Wood). Once you have crafted this essential item, make sure to equip your character with the Builder’s Hammer, and then proceed to select the desirable Workbench.


Smalland Workbench Setup

Now, take a moment to survey your surroundings for a suitable location to establish your Workbench. Carefully choose a spot that will provide the perfect environment for all of your future crafting and building endeavors. And with that, you are ready to make numerous useful items using the Workbench in Smalland!


Where to Find The Ingredients For Crafting A Workbench


Smalland Pose

To construct a Workbench, you will need to gather essential components such as Wood, Resin, and Fiber. Luckily, obtaining these materials is a relatively simple process since they can be found in the game’s initial area. Keep an eye out for Wood and Fiber scattered on the ground, while bright orange Resin can be discovered adhering to rocky surfaces. You can also harvest Wood and Fiber from tall plants or saplings.


That’s all in this how to craft a Workbench in Smalland: Survive The Wilds guide. We hope you find the guide helpful. If so, please consider sharing it with others. If you have questions, let us know in the comment section below!


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