Solve Puzzles With Shovel Knight In New Pocket Dungeon DLC

2014 indie game Shovel Knight quickly became one of the biggest names in the indie gaming scene, with the titular character even making an appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Assist Trophy. The popularity of the original Shovel Knight led to the release of the spinoff Pocket Dungeon in 2021, available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Now, Pocket Dungeon will be receiving free puzzle-centric DLC, as revealed during today’s Nintendo Indie World livestream event.

Unlike the original Shovel Knight which featured platform-based gameplay, Pocket Dungeon is a combination dungeon crawler and puzzle game. It once again stars Shovel Knight, who has found himself trapped inside the titular artifact and must defeat other trapped knights in order to escape. Puzzler’s Pack is the first DLC for Pocket Dungeon. It previously released for beta testing in ten interconnected episodes, although the beta versions were available only for PC. This is the first time that the Puzzler’s Pack will be available for the Nintendo Switch; it is planned to release sometime in Spring 2023. A specific release date has not yet been revealed.

Puzzler’s Pack features two new playable characters: Puzzle Knight, who can rotate enemies, and Mona, who can cause potions to explode. It adds a new area to the game, Castle Quandary, which allows Shovel Knight and other playable characters to access various challenges and modify their runs through the game to experience new difficulties. Several character-specific Quandary Run challenges are also available for each playable character.

In addition, players can purchase run-modifying Hats from Mr. Hat’s store and powerful new Relics from Chester’s Shop. Some of the new Relics added to the game via the Puzzler’s Pack include Chester’s Map, which increases the number of chests per stage, the Super Skeleton Key, which can cause other keys to explode as well as unlocking rare chests, and many more. This free DLC adds tons of new content for players who want to truly challenge themselves in Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon!

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