We all know that trolls,haters,and hackers have gotten to a whole new level due to the ability of them able to stay anonymous on the internet. And as a result, they have done some nasty things to effect the industry and the consumer.

But this story….it’s a whole new level.

So some guy decided to impersonate the company of Ubisoft Entertainment, and told the U.S. Patent & Trademark, to abandoned the trademark that covers “game software and electronic game programs” for the upcoming game,Watch Dogs. Set to release this coming Spring.

When the actually people at Ubisoft found out about this,they were bewildered and quickly went to the USPTO to solve this situation. To attempt to calm down the internet,Ubisoft announce this message to the general public:

“We are working directly with the USPTO on reinstating the trademark for Watch Dogs and it will be active again in the coming days. The matter has no impact on the Watch Dogs’ development.”

After of little investigating on their part,they found out it was all a prank done by a con. And that Ubisoft wasn’t the one that file the abandonment of the trademark. The con that created this incident went so far to even forging the signature of Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot.

Here’s the notice Ubisoft sent to the men in suits at USPTO.

“On February 1, 2014, Ubisoft Entertainment received an email from TEAS@uspto.gov notifying Ubisoft Entertainment that a Request for Express Abandonment had been filed in connection with Application Serial No. 85642398. The Request for Express Abandonment purports to be signed by the Chief Executive Officer of Ubisoft Entertainment, Yves Guillemot. Mr. Guillemot, however, did not sign the Request for Express Abandonment, nor did Ubisoft Entertainment file the Request for Express Abandonment,” Ubisoft said. “The Request for Express Abandonment is fraudulent and was not filed by Ubisoft Entertainment or its representative.” 

So at the end of the day,trolling was taken to a whole another level by this con. He must have really hated  Watch_Dogs so much;that he didn’t want to see it on store shelves in America. He is probably the real life Aiden Pearce. Or made he wanted the game below to take the Game of The Year Award.

10/10. Game of The Century.

Source: IGN.com

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