Sony has announced the Playstation Plus games for November

The games you will be playing through Playstation Plus next month have been revealed, and as part of November’s games there will be a few big ones.

Playstation 3 owners have the best lineup of games this month, as those who own the console will be able to get the second part of Bioware’s epic Mass Effect trilogy with Mass Effect 2. Playstation 3 owners will also be getting hold of Ubisoft’s gem Beyond Good and Evil, this particular version will be the enhanced version of the game.

On the Vita players will be getting Invizimals, along with this Vita owners will get a Playstation 3, 4 and Vita cross buy in the form of Dragon Fin Soup, hopefully the game will be less dumb then it sounds.

Whereas Playstation 4 owners will be getting the second season of Telltales The Walking Dead which is well worth playing, you will be able to get Magicka 2, a game that does look pretty good.

According to Sony these games should be available the next time Sony updates the Playstation store.

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