Sony and Bend Studio’s post-apocalyptic Days Gone is set to receive the movie treatment, with Oscar nominated talent behind the adaptation. As reported by Deadline, the Oscar nominated screenwriter Sheldon Turner is set to give the PlayStation and PC game the Hollywood treatment. Sam Heughan, known for his roles in television series Outlander is set to star as protagonist Deacon St. John, in this “modern-day Western”.

Sheldon Turner’s script is said to be inspired by motorcycle movies, in which the motorcycle is to that genre what the horse is to the Western. This concept sounds very similar to the original video game, in which the motorcycle-riding outlaw Deacon goes on a quest to find his former wife in the zombie-infested world.

Days Gone
The motorcycle was a key gameplay mechanic in Days Gone.

The original game’s story received somewhat mixed reviews, but the game itself still became a multi-million seller for the PS4. In January this year it was claimed by the game’s director, Jeff Ross, that the studio management actually made the team feel like their sales were a disappointment. He left the company shortly after.

It remains to be seen how a Days Gone movie will be received. Should it be successful, perhaps fans of the game can hope that this will renew Sony’s interest in a sequel to the original title.

Are you looking forward to a Days Gone movie, and what PlayStation title should be adapted for film next? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more video game movie news.

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