Sony’s Playstation Meeting Reveals The Future Of PlayStation 4!

ps4-slim-et-ps4-pro-officielles-prix-et-dateThursday saw the future of PlayStation become clear at Sony’s PlayStation Meeting. Their investment in the current console generation was evident with the reveal of the PS4 slim and PS4 Pro as both were showcased. But the main attraction of the event, was the new PS4 Pro. To tackle the big questions, what new features will the PlayStation Pro bring?

The Pro boosts a better CPU and GPU, while for the first time supporting 4k gaming which will provide a whole new gaming experience. The 1TB HDD space will be twice the amount of the original PS4 and the slim. Now an important question many of you will be wondering, how much will the Pro set you back? Well rest assured, the Pro is set for release November 10th and will retail at around £299. The Pro also promises to provide a better VR experience as well, which will be just in time for some of the up and coming VR titles and new game releases.

One downside with the PS4 Pro will be its inability to play 4k Blu-rays. This decision to forgo the 4k Blu-ray follows a pattern within the rise of streaming through sites such as Netflix.

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