For those of you who are playing Nintendo’s Free to Play 3DS title Pokemon Shuffle a new event has now been made available. Once you check in on the game you will be able to find a new Pokemon that you can catch, Nintendo has made Kyogre available for capture in the game from now through to March 23rd, so I do suggest if you are playing the game you hurry up and get the Pokemon while it lasts.

Previously we have had another Pokemon that we have been able to get since launch, the Pokemon Mew was released at launch for the game to celebrate its release. Mew has been available for the games first three weeks however it was set to end recently, however Nintendo has expanded this event to last another two weeks for people who let to capture the Pokemon. So if you haven’t got it yet, I suggest you hurry up because it can’t last much longer.

Pokemon Shuffle Kyogre

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