Splatoon image 3/9/15 Splaroller

The latest image from Splatoon has been released today featuring the paint roller weapon, for those interested the paint roller was originally revealed at E3 in the launch trailer and since has been the weapon I envision myself having the most amusement out of. I am aware that the item is meant for being able to spread my teams color in a much more efficient manner, though I can’t help but feel I will recurringly be influenced into trying to run my opponents over, and many of you can’t blame me I am certain many of you have had the exact same thought. The following message was provided about the Paint Roller or should I say Splaroller:

This weapon is called the ‘Splaroller’. Since its main feature is painting while moving forward, it’s easy to think of it as a close-range-only weapon, but by flicking it, you can hit enemies at a mid distance. Learning to balance painting and flicking is crucial for this weapon.

We have obtained footage of the Splaroller in action. Watching this should give you a good impression of what it’s like to move around while using this weapon.

The latest image from the game also arrives with another snippet of gameplay, it is highly amusing and looks at the weapons many uses including the aforementioned running people over, as well as just efficiency, I do suggest you take a look at this footage:


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