Splatoon being promoted through game Girls Mode 3, adding Splatoon apparel

Nintendo has put a lot of effort into promoting Splatoon using many different methods across the world, however Nintendo has not just been working on promoting the game in the real world, the digital world has also seen quite a bit of promotion for Nintendo’s new game. It was recently revealed that Splatoon costumes would be added to Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS as part of promoting the game, but Nintendo has also recently revealed another promotion for the game. The game Girls Mode 3 is set to include apparel inspired from Splatoon into the game, to continue to add to the already ever growing line up of Splatoon based merchandise and digital content that is flowing into the world. It is interesting to see how much work Nintendo is putting into promoting the game, even through a 3DS game for girls, it just shows they are reaching out to all types of audiences for Splatoon.

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