Square Enix has revealed a reversible cover for Final Fantasy XV

The box art for Final Fantasy XV has received some disapproval from fans of the franchise with many sighting that it reminds them to much of a boy band. If you are one of these people who outright hates the games box art then don’t dismay, Square Enix is watching out for you as they have included a reversible cover for the game. So if you would rather not be staring at a boy band when you pick up your copy, then you can reverse the cover to see a plain design featuring the Final Fantasy XV logo. This information was revealed through Final Fantasy XV official Twitter page which shared:

The cover features a reversible sleeve so you can choose your cover! (reversible cover will be black in NA/EU)

Reverse Cover

Final Fantasy XV reverse box art

Main Box ArtFinal Fantasy XV box art

Sadly, I will admit I prefer the plain cover over the style of the main cover, and quite frankly, I think this is the worst game cover I have seen in the franchise. Sometimes it seems style is better than substance.

Final Fantasy XV arrives on September 30th for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.


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