Star Citizen Hits $300 Million Mark; Still No Release Date

Cloud Imperium Games recently updated its funding stats page, indicating that the war chest for their perpetually-in-development title Star Citizen has now hit $300 million with some 2.7 million “backers.”

By this point, Cloud Imperium Games have run out of their officially designated stretch goals (they hit the mark for their last official goal back in November 2014). They continue to make money by selling new ship models at sometimes wildly high prices. Yet, they do not seem any closer to any sort of official release date for either Star Citizen or the single-player spinoff Squadron 42.

Of course, the future of Squadron 42, and potentially Star Citizen as well, maybe in jeopardy owing to the lawsuit filed by Crytek back in December 2017.

To recap: Crytek filed suit against Cloud Imperium Games after CIG announced they were switching over from Cryengine 3 to Amazon Lumberyard, which is effectively a licensed fork of Cryengine 3 obtained by Amazon. Crytek’s complaint argues that CIG and Roberts Space Industries (the company Chris Roberts originally started to develop Star Citizen with) was trying to use the Cryengine license twice when CIG and RSI decided to split Squadron 42 off into a standalone product, rather than keeping it as a single-player component within Star Citizen.

The lawsuit is still pending, though Crytek has been trying to dismiss the lawsuit until Squadron 42 releases temporarily. The original (and highly tentative) release date was supposed to be in the first half of this year.

However, whatever the COVID-19 pandemic may have done to throw off development schedules at Cloud Imperium Games, it didn’t seem to be harming the continued funding of the game. Indeed, the graphics on the funding stats page notes a massive spike of new money coming in during May.  For now, though, would-be space jocks are still effectively grounded.

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