Star Fox Zero details

A few new details have surfaced for Star Fox Zero from E3, many relate to level design and certain features or moments. There are many interesting details that have surfaced for the game from peoples experience with the E3 demonstration and you can read about them below:

– Star Fox Zero’s Corneria mission uses the same layout for Corneria City as Star Fox 64 with a new coat of paint
– Fly under a bridge to save Slippy, boost past falling buildings, and shoot construction robots throwing metal beams
– Control the Arwing with the left analog stick
– ZR: fire lasers
– Can hold down the button for a charge shot
– Y: Arwing does a somersault
– Moving the right analog stick activates boost
– Pulling the right analog stick back triggers the brakes
– Tapping the right stick left or right twice does a barrel roll
– Move the Wii U GamePad to control where the Arwing shoots
– GamePad’s screen shows what Fox sees inside the cockpit
– At the end of the Corneria mission, it switches to an all range mode
– When this happens, Fox needs to shoot spider-like robots from climbing a tower
– Robots are invulnerable aside from a red target on top
– Need to use the cockpit view to shoot down the enemies
– After the spider robots, the Star Fox team needed to shoot laser cannons from a giant saucer
– Another demo at E3 set in Area 3
– This stage brings Fox McCloud into an empty space field with enemies to shoot down in all range mode
– After taking out a few ships Pigma Dengar flies in and turns the stage into a dogfight
– Pigma tries to fly behind Fox to get him in firing range
– Using the somersault and then a charge beam turns the tables on Pigma
– Hold ZL to shift the camera on the TV to focus on the action instead of behind the Arwing

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