The Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes will not have voice chat

During yesterday’s Digital Event a brand new Zelda game was announced for the Nintendo 3DS, in this game there is a lot of focus on multiplayer as part of the core gameplay. Players will be able to play locally with friends or online the latter of which is the least preferred method how I see it but for multiple reasons. During the Nintendo’s Treehouse event new details were revealed on the games online features, as we expect from online play there will be quite a bit of teamwork required and strategy in order to accomplish goals in dungeons, a feature that is quite easy locally because of being able to discuss what each member is doing. Unfortunately online will not feature any kind of voice chat which will make it harder to decide and stratagize about what to do in dungeons. This really will put a barrier on online play and if you want to play with other people you better get some friends around to play with you.

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