19 years after its initial release, the fan-favorite racing game Star Wars: Episode I Racer has been ported to PC.

As of now, the only place to get a copy is on GOG, though other sources will likely become available sooner or later.

As a note, this is not a remaster or remake, only a re-release of the original game from 1999. Saying this, though, Racer runs at a smooth 60fps. However, players will have to use special video options (provided by GOG) to change the game from the original 4x3 format to the more appropriate 16x9 format. Also, if players wish to use a controller, they will need to map the buttons manually.

While there is no online as of yet, the LAN multiplayer is up and running. You and a group of friends (max of 8) can race together as long as you are connected to the same network.

As part of their preparation for May 4th (Star Wars Day, if you didn’t already know), Star Wars: Episode I Racer is available on GOG.com for $10, along with several other classic Star Wars games.