Star Wars The Old Republic Patch Update

Star Wars The Old Republic Patch Update


As much as I and many others love Bioware, it always makes us a little leery when updates and patches happen to our favorite MMO. You could see the concern on my face when about a week ago I went to log into my “Old Republic” account and there was a big unmissable overlay blocking my screen, letting me know the servers would be down on the 28th of March for some updating. Sometimes this means nothing much and small bugs and errors are fixed, sometimes they create more problems than they fixed. While trying it out yesterday, it all seems to be fairly okay. Of course it’s not nearly as intensive as the recent 5.0 update that took place in November of last year.


For those who are curious, here is what was currently fixed or updated with the recent patch:

  • Nar Shadda planetary missions will not auto-complete after being given by Galactic Command
  • The amount of dark and light side required for dark 1 and light 1 has been set from 7500 to 3000
  • A pop-up for specific Class Missions would show different XP amounts than what you would actually be rewarded
  • An issue with the mission “Dismantle the Opposition” where killing enemies was not adding to the mission progression
  • In Skurr and Velloc the Dark Relics will no longer despawn when messing with the access panels
  • When taking on Adacin and Zanisk from the entrance, it will no longer stop the mission from functioning
  • An issue where the helmet would not show properly for Body Type 2 female players
  • The player vehicle the “Planetary Interceptor” has been changed to its “Sith-like” original form
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