Destiny 2 Officially Revealed

It’s official. After many hints and leaks, Destiny 2 has been revealed, along with its logo (seen above) that was tweeted by Bungie. While we have known that Bungie has been working on a sequel to Destiny, this is the first official announcement.

It comes after several promotional posters were leaked last week showing the same logo. The posters were allegedly leaked by GameStop Italy and mentioned a September release date along with an impending beta. While Bungie has not officially announced a release date or beta, this reveal gives more legitimacy to those rumors.

Leaked Destiny 2 Italian promotional poster.

Earlier this year, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg shared an update regarding the development of a Destiny sequel during an investors’ call. He said that “development is going great, and it is indeed on track for release this fall” and that it “will deliver a great cinematic story.”

Bungie also recently discussed features that will and won’t be transferring to Destiny 2 from the original. Hard earned guns and gear will not be making the journey, but custom characters and cosmetic items such as shaders, ships, and ghost shells will.

Even though today’s announcement was very light on details, we may receive more information in the coming months before E3 descends upon us in June.

Are you excited to jump back into the world of Destiny? Or did you never leave? Let us know in the comments below.

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