Starbreeze Studios has acquired all rights to the Payday franchise, Payday 3 is in the works

Payday is a big game for Starbreeze Studio’s and their subsidiary Overkill Software, the Payday franchise has really put them on the map for the excellent work presented in the games, and today Starbreeze had more to celebrate beyond the games themselves. 505 Games (the company that handled publishing duties for the franchise) has reached a deal with Starbreeze to allow Starbreeze to own all rights to the entirety of the Payday franchise.

Starbreeze notes that it will collect all net revenue from sales of PayDay 2 via Steam (dating back to May 1st 2016), however 505 Games will continue to publish the console versions of the Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, for this one they will continue to split future revenue.

Besides the news of getting the rights to Payday, Starbreeze has also revealed that Payday 3 is in development. With this game 505 Games will continue to get a share in the revenue of the latest game, however they will have a cut off point at $40 million US dollars.

Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson shared in a statement:

“PayDay is very close to my heart, and has laid the foundation for Starbreeze success in recent years. We’re very excited to bring our heisters home to the safe house.”

Following the news of Starbreeze’s complete acquisition, Payday developer and Starbreeze subsidiary Overkill Software stated they are committed to continuing to expand Payday 2 for “at least another 18 months.”

Overkill Software producer Almir Listo also shared details on Payday 2’s incoming update, with the next update a controversial feature of the game will be removed as the games blackmarket will become completely free for players removing all micro-transactions.

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