The director of 999 Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors did not think his first pitch for the game would be accepted

The Zero Escape series has become very well known and has become much loved over the years, this franchise has spawned from a simple concept that takes cues from many visual novels into something truly special. Yes, it is not every-bodies cup of tea, but those fans who have stuck through the series and what will soon be three games cannot get enough. Now as we urge closer to the release of the third game in the series Zero Time Dilemma small details are coming out, in an interview with Nintendo Force, series creator Kotaro Uchikoshi, revealed some interesting details on the series roots.

Based on certain themes in the Zero Escape series the games can bring up a certain level of controversy, surely this was a concern when it came time to present the game and provide the pitch. Uchikoshi was asked by Nintendo Force if he thought that Spike Chunsoft would reject his pitch for 999, or in full Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Uchikoshi never actually believed his game would be approved, he shared his thoughts even relating it to his first time getting intimate with a women, he shared:

“No. I didn’t have any confidence in getting it approved, much like that first time with a woman. However, I was able to get the project in fruition thanks to many supporters. I wish I was able to get the same kind of support back during that first female encounter.”

This is certainly interesting to find out, however his response is definitely a bit disturbing, however it is great to find out these small details and how developers actually doubt themselves and their ideas.

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