Stardew Valley Publisher Chucklefish Announces New Game

Chucklefish, publisher of the critically acclaimed Stardew Valley, has announced its new game titled Eastward. The development team for the project is Pixpil, who is based out of Shanghai.

Being called a cross between the early Zelda games and the Mother/Earthbound series, Eastward will feature RPG and dungeon-crawling elements, as well as a puzzle-solving element. The setting for the game will revolve around a post-apocalyptic world in which the human population is dwindling.

The player controls a ‘father’ character, with a ‘daughter’ character that follows close behind. Together, you will explore the dangerous cities of the ever-decaying world.

“The game will be an action adventure,” developer Pixpil states on their website. “We hope it will be like a Zelda game with some JRPG style storyline.” Pixpil also stated that they want their game to have a ’90s anime art style feel.

The developer goes on to say that Eastward will be released on Steam first and hopefully consoles later, although no official release date has been announced. See below for the official announcement trailer.

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