Starlink: Battle for Atlas Coming October, Switch-exclusive Star Fox Content

It was a whole year ago when Ubisoft revealed Starlink: Battle for Atlas to the world, and the world responded with a collected “OK” and promptly forgot its existence thanks to every other Ubisoft project. Despite this, Ubisoft made sure to remind us of Starlink’s existence and made us wonder why we forgot the game existed. A new trailer was shown for the game that showed off more of the story, and a little more of the gameplay in this space-combat simulator. But this wasn’t the big news that collectively grabbed people’s attention. What seemed like a normal trailer suddenly changed as players were treated to a familiar logo, and then Fox McCloud.

Ubisoft has partnered with Nintendo to provide Starlink: Battle for Atlas with exclusive Star Fox content for the Nintendo Switch version. Shigeru Miyamoto was even on hand to be presented with a model of the in-game Arwing. For Switch owners, you will be able to buy a version of the game, at a slightly higher price, that will get you an Arwing figure for use with the game as well as a Fox figurine. A more standard version of this game without the Star Fox content will be available for other platforms.

Ubisoft also confirmed that Starlink: Battle for Atlas will come to the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 16. You check out both the new trailers for the game below:

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