Choices in Captain Spirit Will Affect Life is Strange 2

Dontnod’s next foray into the Life is Strange universe was revealed during the Microsoft E3 Press Conference, and the next entry in their universe is different from what has come before. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a little more upbeat in parts as it embraces that childlike sense of imagination that is so dear to many of our youths.

Since the conference more information has begun to surface on the new game. According to the Steam listing, your “choices and actions will link to your Life Is Strange 2 experience.” Obviously this confirms that the story in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit will tie closely to the real sequel, perhaps through how this kid interacts with certain characters, or potentially through how he grows up via your decisions.

Dontnod has confirmed that players will be able to find “secret unlockable content” for Captain Spirit. Through this adventure, you will be able to piece together clues that will “give you a glimpse into Life is Strange 2’s brand new story.” Dontnod shared:

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is not Life Is Strange 2, but it does connect to it in multiple ways. This is the first step into the diverse world of Life Is Strange beyond Arcadia Bay where you will find secrets and hints as to what to expect in Life Is Strange 2. In addition to this, choices and actions you make in Captain Spirit will carry over to Life Is Strange 2.”

We have to wait and see when Life is Strange 2 is finally announced to see how seemingly unimportant actions in this game will affect the next big game.

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