Steamy Sales for the weekend: 3/1/2014

If news hasn’t struck your computer screen yet, Valve is allowing developers and publishers to customize their own sales, closing the cap between developers and consumers. But to me, this just sounds like more cheaper games! And who doesn’t like saving money? I conjure up a notable list of sales for the week, the list consist of both big-budget and smaller titles such as the Mass Effect games, Commandos 3, and…… Alternativa? Whatever that is.

Here’s my money Steam.


Sniper Elite:Nazi Zombies Army Bundle ( $6.24)

Mass Effect Collection ($9.99)

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II: Retribution ($7.49)

Hearts of Iron III ($2.49)

Space Empires V ($3.74)

Trine 2: Complete Story ($2.99)

Take on Helicopters Bundle ($2.49)

Warlock Ultimate Edition ($6.24)

Commandos Collection ($1.94)   <—————– BEST DEAL HERE!

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission ($3.29)

Alternativa ($1.29)

Foul Play ($3.74)

Take On Helicopter ($1.99)

ARMA: Combat Operations ($0.79)

Memento Mori ($1.29)

Pound of Ground ($0.99)

Deadly 30 ($1.69)

Alpha Prime ($0.49)

Numen: Contest of Heroes ($0.99)

Shadowground Survivors ($0.99)

Shadowgrounds ($0.69)

RIP-Trilogy ($0.50)

Space Empires V ($3.74)

All deals chosen on this list are the best deals that earn you the most savings. To visit the full list of weekend specials please visit the specials page on Steam. These sales are subject to change.

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