Stellar Blade: How To Solve Clock Tower Puzzle

After riding the monorail, you must pass through various abandoned ruins with many locked doors to reach the Archive in Stellar Blade. Although Eve has a powerful sword, she seems unwilling to break locks and force her way through. In one instance, you must use the Clock Tower to find the passcode that will let you open the gate to the next area.

Stellar Blade Clock Tower Puzzle Solution Guide

Stellar Blade Clock Tower Passcode

The passcode to the Clock Tower gate in Stellar Blade is 1225. You can get this code by examining the massive Clock Tower on the west side of the area. The game will give extra attention to this building when you first arrive in this zone. 

If you want to look at it yourself, you just have to climb the wooden scaffolding that you used to enter this section. Unfortunately, the numbers on the clock are using Roman numerals, so some players may not be able to read them. The time that is shown on the Clock Tower is 12:25, but you can just enter 1225. 

Initially, there is another path that you can utilize to enter the locked area. You will need to climb up to the walls on the south side and use the metal rods on the walls. I don’t recommend taking this path since it’s a trick. The wall will crumble as soon as you get close to the wire fence. 

If you insist on going, then Eve will fall to the ground. Luckily, you will only receive minor damages, and you shouldn’t die unless you are in really low health.

Behind the wire fence, you can examine a human corpse that will give you a Bitter Suicide Note. You can also rest on the chair to restore a bit of your HP, but it won’t replenish your potions. Once you’re ready, you can climb the yellow ladder to reach the next area.

That’s the end of our guide on how to solve the Clock Tower puzzle in Stellar Blade. For more great gaming content, you can read our article on the best party-crashing missions!

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