Stitch and Tinkerbell coming to Disney Infinity 2.0

I love Disney movies there worlds are full of such magic and fantasy and many of the songs from them have been stuck in my head for month similar to many of the songs from last years Frozen. The main thing I like about Disney movies however are the characters, many of the characters created for these movies have become instant hits with fans and have found a place in each of our hearts. One particular for me was Stitch in Lilo and Stitch, to quote the movie he was “cute and fluffy” the adorable nature of the character made it hard to be belief that he could be truly evil but because he had to fight his urges for destruction and mayhem many of us couldn’t help but feel for this character and watching his struggles in his attempts to be good kept us amused and entertained with everything he did right and everything he did wrong. I also always found Stitch amusing such as his appearance in Kingdom Hearts 2 where we watch him joining the fight in Hollow Bastion with his blasters which was constantly amusing. When it came to Disney Infinity there was one character I was really hoping they would bring in and that character was Stitch and I can now say that himself and Tinkerbell are both set to appear in Disney Infinity in has been confirmed today that the two characters are set to appear in the upcoming Disney Infinity 2.0 and will be usable in the Toybox mode. I don’t know about anyone else but I feel with Stitch particularly this is wasted talent as I wish Stitch could run through the Avengers campaign.

Here is an overview for the two new characters and a trailer:

Stitch: The lovable “experiment 626″ from the popular “Lilo & Stitch” films comes to the Disney Infinity Toy Box 2.0 along with his trusty cosmic blaster and the ability to super jump to galactic new heights.

Tinker Bell: One of Disney’s most iconic characters, Tinker Bell enters the world of Disney Infinity with her magical healing Pixie Dust and the ability to glide to the stratosphere for fast-flying action.


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