The Last of Us total sales have reached seven million

The Last of Us is a popular game, it is the source of many discussions of the impact of story in a game and how good story telling can lead you to truly care about the characters, likewise it is also very popular sales wise. The sales figures for Naughty Dogs the Last Of Us on the Playstation 3 were brought up during a press conference today for the upcoming Playstation 4 game and as such I can say that over seven million copies of The Last of Us have been sold to consumers and in the long run that means that potentially a much higher number of people have actually experienced the game if you count families and you also count big time videogame journalists. Back to the point though the number of sales for the Playstation 3 version of The Last of Us have now exceeded the total sales records for a Sony owned IP which is quite an accomplishment and I would like to congratulate Sony on such a milestone.

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