Stone Shire is another Minecraft like game coming to the Wii U and maybe the 3DS

The other day I told you about one Minecraft clone that was coming to the Wii U to fill the void of Minecraft developer Mojang purchase by Microsoft. This game was U Craft but as it also turns out there is another Minecraft clone or at least similar game in development for the Wii U and even possibly the 3DS. Stone Shire is this game and it is being developed by Finger Gun Games, and the developers have said they would be willing to insure the game on the 3DS depending on the success of the game.

Here is an overview of Stone Shire from the developers:

The concept of the game is simple: explore, mine, and build. The player will be able to choose from different fantasy races that we all know and love, like dwarves, elves, and hobbits, and they will each come with their own special traits. To keep everything simple, there likely won’t be a leveling system. Your gains come from what you create and find. And of course, an exploration game would not be without enemies. One moment you could be fighting a goblin in the woods. Or you could be mining in the deep caves under a mountain, when suddenly you spot red eyes peering through the dark as a drow or some other beast desires to prey upon you.

As you can see it is being catered more as an exploration game then an actual Minecraft style game and from the look of things the game is currently at the early stages of development and I will let you know if any new details come to light in the future.

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