Streaming Video Games -The Beginner’s Guide

Live streaming video games have expanded in the last few years. If you’ve ever wanted to stream but aren’t sure how this beginner’s guide is here to help you. Whether you want to stream video games just for fun or want to become successful at it, we will help you find everything you need on how to get started. With more than 740 million of people watching streams on Twitch, Youtube, and other platforms, you may find an audience. Even if you don’t become the next Ninja or Dr. Lupo, streaming as a hobby can be rewarding, too.

What games can you stream?

Streaming video games is a fun way to let other people watch you play different games on your PC, phone, or game console. Streaming is live and unedited, that’s why so many people enjoy watching it. Twitch is one of the most popular streaming services, along with Youtube and Facebook.

You can stream any game you want, from action games, and adventure games to casino games and esport events. Don’t just jump on the most popular games, instead choose the games you enjoy the most and stream them. People can feel if you’re streaming and playing a game you don’t like, so it’s important to really choose the ones you enjoy and that are fun to you.

Before you start, ask yourself why you want to stream video games. You can start looking for content that isn’t made right now and set yourself apart from everyone else. For example, play live casino games and stream the games you’re best at, like Poker or Blackjack. Stream your gambling sessions in real time with people from all around the world. If you have a specific way of playing any video or casino games, that can be unique and fun for people to watch. Or if you’re using a specific strategy when playing Poker, then people will find it interesting to watch you and discover a new strategy.

How to grow your audience?

If you’re streaming video games but not a lot of people are watching you, there are ways to improve and grow your audience. The first thing you can do is start a promotion. Talk about your stream on your social media accounts, talk with your friends, find forums and invite people to watch you. Be friendly, don’t spam people, explain to them a little bit about what you’re playing and provide a link.

When people come to watch you, provide them with the best live gaming experience so they can stay and come back the next time.  Also, make sure you’re having a schedule so people can know when exactly they can come back. Post your schedule in the About section and spread the word on your social media, too. Let people know when you go live, so if they’re free, they can join in. However, don’t forget to update your schedule when you need to cancel or reschedule a stream.

One of the most important things when streaming is communicating with your audience. People love to feel included, so make sure to interact with your viewers and treat them like your friends. Streaming video or casino games is an interactive experience, not a passive one. You can talk with your viewers, use chat, channel points, or bit and subs. Communicate with them as you would with your best friend and create a connection.

Stay Safe

You can choose to stream to a global audience or invite-only. Remember that the global audience can leave comments and watch you, however, you have an option to block people if they’re leaving rude or mean comments. Make sure not to post any personal information, like phone number or address. When you’re doing live streams with a face cam, pay attention that your background is clear and not relieving anything significantly personal about you.

Streaming Video Games is Fun

Start streaming video games for fun as a hobby and if your audience happens to grow, maybe you can even start making money. Choose games you love playing, communicate with your viewers and stay safe out there!

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