Street Fighter V failed to reach Capcom’s sales target

Street Fighter V did not exactly have an overally great launch, the game had many issues, it was missing many key features and all the games issues combined are expressed by how well fans reacted to the newest game and how well it sold. According to Capcom they had a sale target of two million units sold from the time the game launched to the end of the previous financial year, we now know the game did not acquire the sales that Capcom hoped for.

In a recent financial report Capcom has revealed that across the Playstation 4 and PC Street Fighter V has managed to sell 1.4 million units. Overall this is not to bad but did not live up to Capcom’s standards, however they do still remain optimistic, Capcom said the latest installment in the Street Fighter series has “maintained steady sales.”

As I have said the game arrived with many issues such as the lack of a proper story as well as many other key features and fighters, all of this combined does reflect the sales. Hopefully they will pick up once the game is more complete, but this does give warning to releasing unfinished games rather then ensuring a full product.

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