Super Mario 3D World co-director open to more Captain Toad gameplay in the future

When I played through Super Mario Galaxy a few years back I came to quite well like one particular quirky character. That was Captain Toad who was trying to be brave and help out but most of the time just cowered in fear no matter how hard he tried. It is because of this particular character that I really liked a small section of Super Mario 3D World particularly. The Captain Toad levels were clever and relied heavily on thinking in order to reach the end goal with pretty much no abilities other then what existed in the environment.

The funny part about this is that Captain Toads levels were quite well received by fans of Mario and many hoped to see Toad return in perhaps some DLC for Super Mario 3D World, or even his own game that featured a new layer of challenge. At this point in time there is nothing to suggest that this will happen however Super Mario 3D World co-director Koichi Hayashida told Edge in an interview that he would be open to revisiting this idea in a future game. This was all provided that fans continue to show interest in Captain Toad and push for this idea to continue.

Here is what Koichi Hayashida had to say:

“We thought they were a lot of fun, so we’re really glad everyone likes them too. If enough fans express such enthusiasm, we’d consider doing something with this feature in the future.”

Many people have also been led to believe that the design for the Captain Toad gameplay ideas was inspired by Smartphone games. However he also cleared this up in the interview with this to say:

“They weren’t inspired by smartphone games. The idea was to design a game that would become even more fun as you play through it, and this influenced the pace of the game, effectively increasing the rhythm. We felt that a short challenge with quick results would be a good motivation for players to advance onto the next course.”

I for one do hope to see Captain Toad return in the future maybe as an extension of the core Mario experience as he is in Super Mario 3D World or even as part of his own small downloadable game for the 3DS or even the Wii U. No matter what we must hold out hope and wait for the day that Captain Toad returns to save all of us, or just returns to provide us with more fun.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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