The Last of Us: Left Behind Review

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  1. csreynolds says:

    Not a bad review, but there appears to be some discrepancy between the comments you make and the scores you give. 8/10 for replayability, yet you say “there’s not too much replayability”? 8/10 for presentation, but you only write one sentence about it? Out of interest, what does this DLC need for a 10/10 in this category? It’s the best looking PS3 title out there, and the art and sound direction is stellar…

    Otherwise, a decent read.

    1. Chris Henry says:

      I see your points and the problem with scoring sometimes is everyone has different interpretations on how to give them. I tend to use my scoring as the typical school grading scale. It would take a lot for me to give something a 4, for example.

      I gave the presentation an 8/10 and didn’t elaborate much on it because its DLC for a bigger game. That’s why I linked to the original The Last of Us review. I could have talked about the fungal zombies and Cormac McCarthy but it has already been said. For the replayability, I consider a solid 2 playthroughs to be good replayability. While there may not be much differences to experience — its good DLC.

      I hesitate to give anything a perfect score because nothing is perfect. Especially now-a-days when games are shipped incomplete and require day one patches. A game can also become fixed months after its release, making it better. This game is great. It is probably the best looking PS3 game out there and its sound and atmosphere are great. I just felt the DLC didn’t warrant a perfect score.