Super Mario Maker 2 My Nintendo Rewards Announced In Japan

Super Mario Maker 2 is getting some exclusive goodies in Japan to commemorate the release of the game on June 28. If you are a user of the My Nintendo service in Japan, you can trade in your Platinum points for some cool desk items like a notebook, a few sheets of stickers, and Bowser-inspired post-it notes. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is still only able to get discounts on some digital titles for the Wii U or 3DS or wallpapers for your desktop and phone for your Platinum points. We can only admire from afar with these screenshots that Nintendo has provided over on its Japanese website.

For 500 Platinum points, there’s a stylish A5 notebook that features Mario on the front side and Luigi on the back side. The inside has graphing paper and a monthly calendar section.

For 300 Platinum points, there’s a collection of stickers that comes with five different sheets in total. Nintendo actually recommends you get this with the notebook to show off your Mario Maker love, and you can just put them just about anywhere you like.

Nintendo is also offering Bowser danger sign post-it note for 400 Platinum points. Nintendo does not specify the size of the post-it, but it looks like they are a fun way to leave notes for your friends and family.


Food for Thought

Maybe Nintendo will bring these across the pond sometime. I know I’d love to get my hands on those stickers as I really enjoy collecting Mario memorabilia. But for now, I need to find a better use of my Platinum points.

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