Super Mario Party Adds New Online Modes With Free Update

Nintendo has released a surprise update for 2018’s Super Mario Party that massively expands the online play options for the game. Both the Mario Party and Partner Party modes, previously only available in offline co-op, can now be accessed for online games. Players with an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription can either join a random online game, or create a private lobby to play with friends. Although the update itself is free, its content cannot be accessed without the paid subscription.

Prior to this update, Super Mario Party players could only play 10 of the game’s 80 minigames online, with both board modes – the standard all vs. all Mario Party mode and the 2 vs. 2 Partner Party mode – playable exclusively offline. Now, the minigames lineup has been expanded to 70 out of the 80 minigames in the game, hugely expanding the range of games to enjoy with friends.

This update comes as a complete surprise considering that Super Mario Party released in October 2018, and may have something to do with keeping players connected online during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

Super Mario Party is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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