Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Secret Mode May Have Been Uncovered

A theory about the new secret mode in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been making rounds on the internet.

Last week’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct presentation gave us a lot of information about the upcoming brawler. During the presentation, we got a peek at the game’s main menu. However, an icon for a mode on the menu was blurred out. Now, thanks to a dedicated fan on Twitter, we have a good guess regarding the mode’s name: “Spirits.”

Twitter user noctulescent pieced together the blurred out icon by peering into the video’s pixelation frame-by-frame and then pieced together the unpixelated areas. By doing such, the the green menu portion seems to read “Spirits” in both English and Japanese. Fans are speculating that the mode may be connected to Luigi’s death during the Direct presentation, as well as the deaths of Mario and Mega Man during the Ridley reveal trailer.

The Smash Bros. Direct presentation announced five new characters for the game: King K. Rool, Dark Samus, Chrom, Simon Belmont, and Richter Belmont. Richter will be Simon’s echo character, Dark Samus will be Samus’ echo, and Chrom will be Roy’s. It was also announced that the game will feature over 100 stages to fight in.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release for the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

What do you think this secret mode may be? Let us know in the comments below. 

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