Gone Home Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Week

Finally, Gone Home is coming to a Nintendo system. This critically acclaimed gem was originally expected to arrive on the Wii U, but financial struggles from the game’s publisher at the time made this impossible. All hopes may have seemed lost for Nintendo fans to play this game on their preferred system, but don’t despair for Gone Home will be finding a home on the Nintendo Switch.

Gone Home developer The Fullbright Company and new publisher Annapurna Interactive announced that the game will be coming to the system. But when can we expect this gem? It’s actually sooner than you might have thought, with a release set for the Nintendo eShop on August 23, commemorating the game’s five-year anniversary.

Gone Home has you step into the shoes of Kaitlin Greenbriar, returning home from a long trip to find nobody waiting for her. Her family moved into a new house while she was gone, so upon arrival she sets out to explore and discover where everyone has gone. The game builds its story through simple interactions with the environment, unlocking random journal entries detailing the recent events of the house’s residents.

If you happen to have never laid eyes on Gone Home before, then you can get a first glance through the announcement trailer below:

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