Super Smash Brothers for Wii U Review

It is unquestionable just how popular the Super Smash Brothers franchise is, in the past it has been a system seller with the GameCube and even a much sought after game on the Wii. But the real question is four entries in how can the Wii U’s Super Smash Brothers game provide a reason to play it, with all the past entries have done what exactly can Super Smash Brothers for Wii U do to prove that we must play the game. As soon as I started the game I was quickly given my reason with a series of changes from past entries, new characters and even a new mode that has taken up my time.

Very much of this game is still the heart and soul that beat through the older games, many classic modes that are still loved and respected and the classic fighting style of the games remains as enjoyable as ever. Though it is what is new that is the games true draw in point providing far more fun than I have encountered in many of the franchises past games.

If you thought having four players on screen was tough then imagine having more than that, Super Smash Brothers for Wii U adds up to an extra four fighters to the battle in the exclusive eight player smash mode, and trust me chaos is the name of the game in this mode. Battles could already be chaotic in standard four player fights but without trying Smash Brothers has managed to up the ante and create one of the game’s most engaging and entertaining modes.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U 8 player Smash

Eight Player smash can be played however you like, being you can play the game with up to seven friends (based on the fact that you are playing) all in the same room for a truly chaotic battle where it is possible to often lose your character given the level of players in the battle. Likewise you can also play against computers, these players are the least preferred method for this mode however, and for the most part the same thrill still persists.

In the franchises long history we have seen many great stages to fight on come and go, while I will say there are a couple in Smash Wii U I was not a huge fan of, many of the games stages do still shine quite brightly. The game combines a good variety of moving stages, small stages and even rather large stages all as available options, unlike past games many even have commemorated major moments in the particular franchise they are from. Unlike with the 3DS game I was actually happy with the selection of old stages made available as they never felt overused, I was actually pleased to find a good mixture of classic stages along with a series of mostly good new ones.

If your playing eight player smash then you might be disappointed to know that stage availability is pretty limited, because of the number of players not all stages are able to accommodate eight fighters. It was disappointing that to play the games best mode stage options were limited however the game does give you some of their best and most functional stages to fight on. Big stages like Melee’s Temple stage actually work now with the large number of fighters actually taking up a good selection of the room and rarely ever leaving space wasted, this was also the same with a selection of the games other big stages, I never found they really worked in four player fights though was pleased by the size in bigger battles. A selection of smaller stages are also used in eight player smash which are equally as fun to fight on however special effects that would regularly happen have been removed.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U Pilotwings

Regular four player battles on the other hand do get every available stage and many of these are enjoyable, I found a particular favourite in the form of Skyloft which is a traditional moving stage that places you in many of Skylofts most iconic locations, Jungle Hijinx which has been well made from Donkey Kong Country Returns. I was also a huge fan of the Game and Wario inspired Gamer stage which featured the mother trying to spot you much like the original game. The game was filled with amazing and enjoyable stages to play on which kept things entertaining, I was saddened though by the absence of many of these in eight player which those who prefer bigger battles will miss out on.

Standard fighting is still the biggest highlight to find in Super Smash Brothers for Wii U, however I do personally wish this was as far as they went. Much like the 3DS games Smash Run mode, the Wii U game also contains an exclusive mode called Smash Tour and if you thought like me Smash Run was bad well then Smash Tour will be no surprise to you. In Smash Tour you are placed on a board where you roll a dice and move around collecting other fighters as well as power ups. Much like the 3DS game these power ups are used to raise your attack, defence, speed and other abilities, making any battles you end up in become more about luck then actual skill. In itself the board game style of play is also not very exciting, you move around the board doing the aforementioned things each turn with the only excitement being when you accidentally encounter another player then you enter a fight with only luck to rely on. In my several runs of this game mode I rarely ever found myself as the best in any skill and it wasn’t from lack of trying. I wanted to enjoy the mode but I never truly felt like I was playing Smash Brothers.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U smashtour

On the other side, stage creation was one of my favorite features to play with in Brawl, using the tools provided I was able to build some fun and well working stages to play on. I was excited when I found out that stage creation was returning for this game, though I was really disappointed when I finally got to play with it. I never found myself enjoying using the Gamepad to draw my stages, while there was tools offered to help with straitening up lines and even going free hand I never quite got that same thrill as my previous experience and never found myself quite capable of creating what I envisioned. I accept that part of this may be my problem but I personally would have enjoyed the system from Brawl returning instead.

Nintendo’s Amiibo’s prove to also be one of the game’s biggest highlights. If anyone thought computer players could be frantic then you have not seen anything, Amiibo’s can be trained in the game to learn from your playstyles and counter you movements. These certainly add a greater challenge and I was always happy to test my skills against these fighters which have proven to be my greatest enemies. Amiibo’s may be hard to get but are definitely worth tracking down to have even more fun In this game.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U Pokemon

Even with my problems with Super Smash Brothers for Wii U I can’t deny it is still one of the best entries in the franchise to date. Eight Player Smash is a definite thrill to play in and one of the best ideas the franchise has had to date. For the most part I could not help but be satisfied and I just can’t get enough of the game and I was glad that the game actually features something that made it worth the time.

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