System Shock 3 officially announced

It has been such a long time coming for fans, a third game in the System Shock franchise has been dreamed about for years, and hopes skyrocketed earlier this year when developers revealed they wanted to make it, now, it is a reality. A teaser site has been launched for the newly announced game with the series antagonist SHODAN crying out from the dark confines of the teaser site. ‘Did you think I’d forgotten you…insect?’ she calls out to you from the teaser recently released by Otherside Entertainment. Fans will be pleased to hear that Terri Brosius, the original voice actor behind the dreaded A.I. antagonist will return for the series’ third installment alongside key members responsible for the previous two titles’ development.

The original System Shock games were developed by Looking Glass Studios, Otherside has since gotten the rights to the intellectual property, confirming that System Shock 3 is in the early concept stages. This of course means that no big information will likely be revealed for a while now, and we have no idea what consoles or systems this might eventually arrive on, perhaps the Playstation 5 and Xbox whatever they call it. You are going to need to be patient for this one and don’t forget.

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