System Shock Remake Smashes Kickstarter Goal

The BioShock series is one of the best of the last generation. Its amazing stories, great gameplay and unique style made it a fantastic experience. Since we are receiving a remaster of the entire series for this gen, BioShock: The Collection, it seems fitting that a remake of the game that started it all is in the pipeline.

A Kickstarter campaign started by Nightdive Studios, which was created in June, managed to raise $1.3 million from fans looking for a taste of the retro game on current gen. This is well past their goal of $900,000 and means that a number of stretch goals were met. Stretch goals are rewards that incentivise people to keep donating after a Kickstarter has reached its goal and means that we will be receiving Mac and Linux versions of the game (in addition to the PC, Xbox One and eventual PS4 versions), new areas, new crew members and new audio logs. Nightdive Studios promises to deliver updated graphics and gameplay while staying true to the original design that made the game unique.

An early look at the design of the game
An early look at the design of the game

For those curious about the approach and for those who simply want to get an early taste of the game, Nightdive has released a pre-alpha demo of the game. It is exciting that there is still much love for this old franchise and hopefully we see more remasters, reboots and remakes of older experiences, both to please original fans and to share some early video games with a younger audience.

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