T. J.’s Ten, Part 1

Over the years I have played games from all genres and from all developers, and I’ve been composing a list of the ten games that, out of all, I would advise any gamer of varying skill levels to play.

Following is the start to the list, and with each title will be a review and reason why the game means so much to me. This will be the first article in a series of similar ones.


10. Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series has been widely credited as one of the best of a generation and now has more than three titles. The original set the stage for a whole new platform of gaming. A space-raiding, planet-surfing, alien-killing game that offers all sorts of adventures, from investigating missing persons on distant planets, to infiltrating enemy bases, to searching for alien artifacts that could hold the key to deeper space travel. This game offers a well-rounded experience that should keep any level of gamer entertained for hours on end.

Mass Effect was not quite like anything I had played before. I had played adventure games and I had played space games, but the diversity in this game pushed the boundary of what I was used to. It melded adventure with space to bring an experience that encapsulated me for more hours than I care to count. I recommend this game to anyone with a love for RPG games and a love for a game that just keeps on giving. I rate it 8/10.

9. Mario Kart: Double Dash.

There are amazing titles in the Mario Kart series, and Double Dash is no exception. It strays slightly by allowing cooperative play: partnering up with your friend you may race with one at driver and another at shotgun to fire items.

The special thing about this mechanic is that should you be on a track that one of you knows better, you can flip your position at any point, allowing you to capitalise on another mechanic unique to Double Dash!!: specialised ammunition.

This game means a lot to me as I received it for my birthday as I hit my teenage years. Having my friends come round and play for hours on end will forever be one of the fondest gaming memories I have. For those of you who love the series and love playing with friends, I would very much advise you to try the game if you can get your hands on a Gamecube or a Wii. I give this game a 9/10.

8. Bioshock

Would you kindly play this game?

Bioshock is a retro-futuristic-themed FPS which blends aesthetics of the American 1950s with science fiction. It plays smoothly, and you can quickly and easily be caught up in the journey as it is laid out before you.

The world of Rapture, a city below the sea created by the mastermind Andrew Ryan, has fallen on some tough times. With the ever patrolling Big Daddies and Little Sisters and the roaming splicers, navigating your way through Rapture is difficult. You want to collect all the Adam, the game’s mana, that you can to preserve your energy. For each Little Sister you encounter, saving her or harvesting her yields you little or lots of Adam respectively. What you choose for each affects the end game.

Bioshock offers something for all gamers. Beyond firing guns, players may use plasmids, a more wizardly way of destroying enemies. These plasmids grant you special offensive and defensive abilities

I only played this game within the past 18 months, so I am very much behind the rest of the civilized population. But though I only played it recently Bioshock had such a big impact on me that it beat games on this list that I have held close to my heart for many years. In no uncertain terms, that speaks volumes for this game. I truly recommend anyone to play this game and they would not regret a single second of it. I rate it 7/10.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this and any subsequent T.J.’s Ten posts are my own and in no way reflect those of GameLuster.

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