Take a look at ZombiU’s early mock up boxart

Ignoring the Wii label on the top of this picture, this is something that is truly interesting. What you can see is early box art for Ubisoft’s Wii U exclusive survival horror game Zombi U. As you can see when Ubisoft originally designed the box art it was made a lot more intimidating and even creepy then the final product. I imagine the change was in part of not intimidating consumers with the look of the Zombies, it could also be in case of children seeing it which might have given them nightmares, either way it is cool to see original designs and plans. To be honest though I must say the black and white design looks cool and I think would have been a great choice, it has a very horror vibe coming off it. For comparison you can look at the final box art below:

ZombiU_Box_Art_(Final) England and AustraliaZombiU box art american big

England and Australia                                                                                                                                                              America


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